Mentor Programme – University of Copenhagen

Mentor Programme

If you are a Danish or an international PhD student at either The Faculty of Humanities, The Faculty of Law or the Faculty of Social Sciences it is possible to join the PhD Mentor Programme at UCPH. The Mentor Programme is for those PhD students who want to explore their career possibilities in the private and public sectors.

As a PhD student, the programme will provide you with a broader perspective on what a professional career as a scientist, a specialist or a generalist could be like for you in a company, ministry, a corporation, an NGO etc.

Having a mentor is a unique chance to define your PhD competencies, translate your skills, expand your professional network and discuss your hopes, dreams and insecurities relating to your future.

The mentoring process lasts 5 months, with 4-5 meetings.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors all have a PhD degree and a job in a private company, a ministry, a corporation or an NGO. They want to share their experiences with a PhD student and act as sparring partners by using the power of the personal example.

A mentor is not an additional PhD supervisor or a way to get a job in his/her company.