Before studying abroad

You are required to study abroad for a shorter or longer period as part of your PhD studies. Students who have studied abroad report that the change in environment has grown their international network and has helped promote their careers.


There are several ways to plan a change in environment:

  • You can find somewhere yourself where you would like to go and make the initial contact. Remember that if you go to an internationally acclaimed researcher, it may be that he/she will not have so much time to guide you. So remember to match your expectations with the person concerned before departing.

  • You may find a suitable place together with your supervisor or via the supervisor's network. 

  • You can keep an eye on foreign university websites where specific study trips are posted. Be aware of the deadlines and how you can get them to fit with your other activities.

 Check list

There are many things to consider before leaving. Here are some of the most important:

  • Remember to make a start on your planning in a good time.
  • Consider what the aim of your study trip abroad is to be.
  • Write down your success criteria for the study tour.
  • Make a plan for who you want to talk to during your tour.
  • Remember to get activities that you decide to undertake during your stay at another research institute or private research company approved by your PhD school and lead supervisor before you leave.
  • Check your insurance. This may depend on your terms of employment at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Check on your funding and whether you can apply to your Faculty for funding.
  • Check whether there are other places you can apply to for funds, such as foundations.
  • Do you have your tax situation under control?
  • Do you have your housing situation under control - in Denmark and abroad?
  • Check whether you need a visa for your trip abroad.
  • Remember to clarify how you are insured
  • Remember to clarify social security rights and duties
  • Remember to clarify whether your Danish residence permit will lapse