Intermediate processes

In the standard process at the University of Copenhagen, there are generally three regular assessments.  These are made at the 26 month, 14 month and six month points before completion of PhD studies.

In the flex schemes, regular assessments are made at the following points (months) before completion of the PhD:

4+4: 38, 26, 14, 6

3+5: 50, 38, 26, 14

Individual faculties may themselves set further rules for regular assessments.

You have the option at the University of Copenhagen of taking a range of career and skills development processes in a short time. Some are already a regular part of course offerings at UCPH whereas others are in the process of being developed. This is not an obligatory part of your PhD programme but simply an offer for you, enabling you to become more aware of the skills you acquire as a PhD as part of your education and where you can get work with your PhD if you are not considering continuing as a researcher.

The skills and career processes that you can attend include:

  • Project Manager course
  • PhD workshops
  • Courses in applying for external funding