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For Mentors - Make an Impact

In the PhD Mentor Programme, we invite professionals with a PhD degree and experience from the private or public sector to the programme as mentors. As a mentor, you will inspire your mentee - a PhD student - to explore career paths outside of the university.

As a mentor, you use your own experiences during meetings with your mentee. The mentoring process is a chance to make an impact on another person, to inspire, motivate and share knowledge.

How to sign up

To sign up as a mentor, fill out this form and send it to no later than 1 june 2018.

What do you sign up for?

  • 5 months of mentoring; from September to January
  • 3-4 meetings with your mentee for about 1-1,5 hours
  • A preliminary meeting or phone call with us where we talk about the programme
  • A kick-off event in August at the University. This will be the first meeting between you and your mentee, and at the kick-off you will be further prepared for your mentoring process.

Your mentee has written a motivated application, stating why (s)he wants a mentor and a bit about his/her own research field.

Why become a PhD Mentor?

Ideally, mentoring is a two-way street. Even though you provide valuable sparring and inspiration, you are also able to get a significant output out of being a mentor as you:

  • strengthen your skills in motivating and developing another person
  • stay updated on the newest research in a specific academic field
  • get a chance to look at your own career/work life from the outside
  • make a difference for a PhD student


Most mentors will be alumni from the University of Copenhagen, but not all. We require that you have at least two years of work experience in a private or public company. The typical mentor is able to engage in an open dialogue with the mentee.
Your role is not to be an additional PhD supervisor. Nor can your mentee expect to get a job through you, since it is very important that the mentoring process is based on honesty and trust.